Trust and Probate

We are committed to upholding the principles of all applicable fair housing laws

What is Trust and Probate?

Selling a property held in a trust or through the probate process presents unique and complex challenges. Our specialized Directors and Real Estate Professionals offer trustees, executors, and fiduciaries the skills to manage them. Our marketing program is the leader in the field, regularly generating multiple offers and sale prices over market value. We represent trust departments at banking institutions, CPAs, noted law firms, estate planners, and financial consultants. We’re also committed to protecting seller privacy and honoring the estate’s legacy at a sensitive time, as we deliver a seamless and successful transaction.

Before & After

Marketing Trust and Probate

Our marketing model centers around a fast-paced sale process aimed at stimulating significant interest and generating multiple offers at or over estimated fair market value. This approach combines an aggressive marketing period, strategic pricing and buyer instructions designed to create the feeling of an auction without the negative connotations of an auction property. We also create a customized marketing program for each property designed around the needs of the estate and fiduciary.

What Our Team Offers

Trust and probate properties can be perceived as aged and in poor condition. This can result in bottom-tier offers. We create a comprehensive, customized plan for maximizing a property's appeal in ways that can strongly impact market value. Our recommendations can range from selling as-is with minimal cleanup to more extensive property renovations and repairs.

We employ a dynamic combination of high-impact traditional marketing and state-of-the-art technology to aggressively promote the property to the widest possible audience of buyers and real estate agents, both nationally and internationally. Our proven marketing strategy of targeted exposure over a limited time creates an auction-like multiple-offer bidding environment designed to maximize profits.

•Time frame can vary based on needs of the Trustee, market conditions or probate code


•Offers may be reviewed after the first week of open houses or up to twenty-one days on market


•Meticulous documentation including market activity, advertising, visitors, and terms of all offers

Based on Trustee desires, we prepare a custom “wish list” defining the goals of the estate. Whether the focus is on maximizing price solely, or on a faster close of escrow, this customized plan ensures goals are met. All prospective buyers are given offer submission instructions that outline the seller’s preferred terms, motivating buyers to write offers addressing those terms.

We require all offers be accompanied by proof of sufficient funds to close escrow and, if applicable, a lender pre-approval letter. We may also require buyers to apply with a lender of the seller’s choice to confirm their qualifications.